Navigating “My Happy”


IMG_20140820_154802273Hello readers! I thought I could do a kind of “directions” for my blog. I have created pages that hold information for specifics like about myself, happiness and mindset, parenting, where I see this blog being and going, and of course, my favorite page, about the strategies I have had success with, “My Happy”.  Be sure to read each of these and also go back to them, occasionally to read again.  I am adding to them or changing them as this blog progresses towards its fullest potential. I will write a post when I add something or significantly change what I have written previously.

I have added a video post to the Parent/Caregiver Page, if that interests you!  I will also bring your attention to posts parents and caregivers would be interested in.


I added a Twitter feed to “My Happy”. While visiting, please notice the tweets are current information which relate to my posts. It’s a great way for me to include examples of what I am writing about.

One last thing, if you are new to blogging please click on the “Like” buttons for my posts or the “follow” buttons for my blog. This will help me to understand what my readers are most interested in and if readers are liking it enough to be notified when there is a new post. Both are free and if you do follow me, It can be a way for you to stay focused on the positives!

Okay, one more thing about blogging. Please feel free to give feedback in the comments section. 1. I read them before they are posted.  2. They will be posted once I can give them a read  3. I can learn from them and write with your comments or questions in mind  4. I would remove a comment if you had a change of heart. 5. Some comments are directed to a “spam” section by WordPress. I like some of those comments, but not sure if it is safe to post. Thanks to everyone who comments whether I can post it or not.

I appreciate you stopping by! Have a happy day!


About Tiffany

Hi, I am Tiffany and I am blogging about creating "Your Happy". Before having my own children, I happily taught 5th and 6th graders for several years. My first love in education was Psychology which I received a Bachelor of Arts. I then decided to pursue a Master in Education to become a classroom teacher. Having taught many students and then my own children, I became very interested in understanding why some children seem to have an easier time socially than others. I have been recently reading about Positive Psychology. I want to share the information that I have found very helpful in my own life. I am not an expert in happiness but only a new purposeful creator of my own happy. There is a balance to achieve for happiness that is being discussed and researched by psychologists. My intent is to introduce this new information so that you may use it to create "Your Happy". I also want to share "My Happy" because that is part of my balance towards happiness. Helping others has always been a passion of mine. Doing your passion is part of the balance towards being happy. It is so important to recognize that we are all responsible for creating our own happiness. The first concept I want to share is: if you are happy, success will follow. Unfortunately, the belief typically is: if you are successful, you will be happy. I am thankful to for giving me a place to blog. I am also very grateful to those dedicated to doing the research in this area. I am looking forward to creating this blog and having a place to share "Our Happy".

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