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Social Thinking

Michelle Garcia Winner, MS, CCC-SLP is the founder of the concept of teaching “Social Thinking” to promote social skills and the author of several books related to the subject.  She is also a national and international speaker on Social Thinking.  Pamela Crooke, PhD, CCC-SLP is a faculty member of San Jose State University and is interested in treatment research related to children and adults with social cognitive challenges.  Together they wrote the book I will present in the video below.  I have used this book and felt that it would be helpful for all children, beginning at a young age. This is such a wonderful approach to teaching social skills because it is POSITIVE and empowering to all children. There are many books and materials regarding social thinking that I will also be sharing.

Happiness for our children includes feeling comfortable in the world around them.  Discipline comes from the Latin word “disciplinare” which means to teach. As parents we are our children’s first teachers. It is important to teach social thinking beginning at a young age. There is no question that everyone can benefit from being taught social thinking! This is such a positive approach to addressing your own child’s behaviors, giving your child an understanding of how their behavior affects other people, or how other people’s behavior affects them. Also, it teaches that social smarts are just as important as academic smarts!

Hopefully, I have sparked your interest to watch the video as I explain “You are a Social Detective!” written by: Michelle Garcia Winner and Pamela Crooke, Illustrated by: Kelly Knopp

social detective


Thank you for watching the video. I hope you see how useful this book can be with teaching children about social thinking. If used in the home, children will have a better understanding of social thinking as they begin school and for the years to come. This book and others like it should be read to the child repeatedly.  This will increase their understanding and they will be able to use what they learn from it.  This is not an answer to all social learning needs of our children, I think it is one step in the right direction. The website to view this book and learn more about Social Thinking is http://www.socialthinking.com

Thanks again for watching and have a happy day!

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“Back to School” for You




“Back to School” for You

Whether you have children, you help to encourage someone else’s, or you are in school use your positivity and growth mindset (see Happiness Page)! Instead of focusing on their/your intelligence, try to focus on efforts, tenacity, resilience, taking risks, creativity, and share in their joy from learning new things or appreciate your own joy from learning!

Jump on board and learn something new as well. Yes, I am sure you all learn new things at your work, school, or with your families, however, when is the last time you chose to learn something new or spark an old interest simply because you would like to? Maybe a new language, an instrument, singing, dancing, a sport, or blogging? If your first response to this is an excuse…… I know what you are thinking. I am too old, it will cost too much, my family wouldn’t want me to.  Well, these are just excuses that hold you back.  If you are thinking one of these excuses, ask yourself if it is really true. Most likely they aren’t or it is something you can change or find a way around. I discovered I used excuses this way by reading a children’s book to my son by Dr. Wayne Dyer, “No Excuses”.

I will have more on this soon!no excuses

I myself realized cooking helps me to cope with stress and sadness. I had many other reasons behind taking a Culinary Arts 101 class for myself last fall.  A few being I really enjoy cooking,  it helps me to unwind, be creative, be kind, and strengthen relationships.  What I grew to realize, after taking the class was that it was a great way to meet new people with similar interests, it inspired my children to cook and try new things, helped me to gain more confidence to cook and share my cooking, accomplished a goal which boosted my self-esteem to tackle even more new goals! How I appreciate the teacher, Chef Pat, a long time chef and restaurant owner, the other aspiring cooks who were so kind and supportive, the babysitters who cared for my children, my husband and children for encouraging and supporting me, and my one daring friend, Danielle, who came to the class with me! Wow! All from a 10 week cooking class!

Start small and don’t  stop. I became focused on this for myself when I decided to reflect on the things I enjoyed before becoming a mom.  I LOVE being a mom, however, I wanted to keep some balance in my life and to lead by example.  I then went to one of my favorite spots on the internet and searched YouTube for interests I previously had more time for. One  video at a time I began to learn new things, have a little me time and fun. That led to the cooking class, followed by developing a new exercise routine, followed by learning how to blog and I am still learning how to blog! Thanks for your patience!

I hope that this post has inspired you to revisit an old interest or to tackle a new one! Think you can and you will! Remember, start small. This is a strategy known as “baby steps”.  If you are successful with small goals, you will gain confidence to tackle bigger ones.  I feel strongly that having a growth mindset (see Happiness Page) and focusing on the positives for ourselves and others, especially our children will lead to much happiness.  Again, I hope that I have inspired you to learn new interests or revisit past interests so that you may have balance in your life, lead by example, and of course, be happy!


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Navigating “My Happy”

IMG_20140820_154802273Hello readers! I thought I could do a kind of “directions” for my blog. I have created pages that hold information for specifics like about myself, happiness and mindset, parenting, where I see this blog being and going, and of course, my favorite page, about the strategies I have had success with, “My Happy”.  Be sure to read each of these and also go back to them, occasionally to read again.  I am adding to them or changing them as this blog progresses towards its fullest potential. I will write a post when I add something or significantly change what I have written previously.

I have added a video post to the Parent/Caregiver Page, if that interests you!  I will also bring your attention to posts parents and caregivers would be interested in.


I added a Twitter feed to “My Happy”. While visiting, please notice the tweets are current information which relate to my posts. It’s a great way for me to include examples of what I am writing about.

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