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Happiness Is a Choice


Happiness is something we need to choose and work on.  Right now, smile.  There, you worked on it! I will be posting baby steps (simple strategies)  that you can do and share with others around you to try. So today, I want you to smile, even if you don’t feel like it. Smiling and laughing make us feel good.

Happiness is something to practice daily, so that when life is stressful or difficult you will be better able to cope.

Happiness is unique to you. If you take a peek at the happiness page, you will see that research gives us areas to work on, but each of us will have our own way of doing it.  You will have the opportunity to explore ideas that work for other people and then try the ones that resonate with you. Have fun and discover how positive and happy you can make your life!

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“Lead By Exampl…

“Lead By Example”

My son learned this quote in karate. He doesn’t realize it yet, but he is one of my biggest inspirations.  As I write this blog, my hope is to lead by example. All the information I write or discuss (via videos) are things that I have learned and tried in my own life. I have had many chats with friends and family who seem very interested to learn more. I don’t always feel like I have given them the full picture of what I have been experiencing. I decided to write this blog to give the full picture and allow us all the opportunity and a place to share our happy experiences.