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As soon as I began learning about the latest research in positive psychology and mindfulness, I wanted to share that knowledge with children. “That Makes Me Happy!” is aimed to reach 4 to 9 year olds with a story of animal characters sharing their happiness strategies and an ending with a “Happy Ring”. I wanted to give children an easy, fun way to practice being more positive! Just like learning any new skill, we can practice to be a more positive person. I have recorded a video to explain the story.

Please share your experiences if you purchase the book and read it with your children or students. I would greatly appreciate feedback!


You can now watch the story unfold on YouTube    That Makes Me Happy 


147 Happy Rings created  and counting!

I created the following coloring page to be given to children after reading “That Makes Me Happy!”  A fun way to help them remember the story. Click on coloring-page to print.


Use the following page to create Happy Rings for a group of children. Click below the picture on happy-ring-circles-copy to print.


“That Makes Me Happy!” News

Madame Corinne’s Happiness Project


To purchase a book click on  “That Makes Me Happy!” 

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